Now recruiting infants 3 months of age for our study of Sucking, Feeding, and Vocal Development. 

For this study, we are interested in how infants suck, eat, and vocalize. The study takes place in the infant’s home at 3 months of age and again at 12 months. At these visits we will check the infant’s hearing, test his/her suck on a pacifier, observe a bottle feeding, and have the caregiver answer a few short questionnaires. In exchange for participation, we offer a $50 Amazon gift card after the first session, and a $100 Amazon gift card after the 12 month visit.

If you are interested in participating, please email us at NUSNLab@gmail.com

This study has been approved by the Northeastern University Institutional Review Board (#17-08-19).

BABI (Breastfeeding And Body Image): An Online Resource to Promote Breastfeeding by Targeting Maternal Body Image

There is currently a significant gap in available online resources that target the common risk factors of body image and eating concerns in mothers as they relate to breastfeeding outcomes. It is important to understand how informational support resources can be effectively utilized by mothers to increase positive body image and create more positive outcomes for breastfeeding mothers. This project aims to create an online resource to promote breastfeeding and address body image concerns to support the well-being of mother-infant dyads in collaboration with Dr. Rachel Rodgers whose research focuses on body image and disordered eating. Our online resource will be piloted to a group of 20 (n=20) mothers to obtain feedback on their user experience based on the HEART framework (Happiness, Engagement, Adoption, Retention, and Task success) to further analyze body image and breastfeeding outcomes.

This study has been submitted as an amendment to the Northeastern University Institutional Review Board (#17-01-06).